Public Agenda & Minutes

Details of next meeting

Please note that the Ordinary Board Meeting will be held in the Town Hall Board Room on


Monday 2nd September 2019




    1. Chairman’s Welcome
    2. Minutes of Ordinary Board Meeting 5th August 2019
    3. Business out of same
    4. Accounts
    5. Correspondence

    5.1 Invitations and Events

    RAFA Concert

    5G Aware IOM

    5.2 General Correspondence

    Friends of Castletown Station

    Southern Recycling Centre


    T Granger Snr

    Castletown Heritage

    Feedback Re Market Square during Winter

    DOI “Roadmap”

    DOI Rent Setting

    1. Planning applications
    2. Planning matters / decisions (Castletown Housing Land Review)
    3. Consultations
    4. Matters for future discussion

OB Board Pack 02/09/19

Minutes of past meetings