Weather Warning

Weather Warning Issued at: 11:00 am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018
Warning type:
Coastal overtopping/ Harbour and Quayside flooding/ Severe gales
Colour code:
Adverse conditions are expected to affect the Island
from: 02/2100 until: 03/1400
Very large waves will combine with a large high tide and cause significant (moderate to severe) coastal overtopping for an hour or two either side of high tide tonight (approximately 23:40). With west to southwest winds, the most susceptible locations will be areas around the south of the island and at Peel (especially Fenella Beach), but the waves may bend around to affect the north of Douglas promenade as well. At the next high tide tomorrow (midday), Peel will be mostly affected.
A large spring tide is likely to lead to the sea water level rising above the height of some inner harbour walls and quaysides for a time (approximately 8.0 metres above chart datum in Douglas). Parts of Ramsey (especially Mezeron Corner), Douglas (Tongue) and Castletown will be affected, but this should fall into the slight to moderate category.
The west to southwest winds are expected to become severe gale force tonight with gusts 60 to 70 mph, which may cause a little
As a result of this weather warning, flood boards will be deployed in the Vicinity of Hope Street later this afternoon and left in position overnight.