Poulsom Park Play Equipment

Castletown Town Commissioners are aware of comment on Social Media regarding the removal of an item themed play equipment from Poulsom Park. Play areas should be exciting, fun and challenging but, equally, risks should be controlled to an acceptable level.

The Commissioners and their agents undertake regular inspection and maintenance of all play equipment. Whilst the decision has regrettably been taken to remove the “Pirate Ship” from Poulsom Park as both it and equipment of a similar age at other sites in the town are no longer deemed to be economically serviceable. The equipment affected is manufactured from Pine, which whilst being both an economically and ecologically sustainable material has limited longevity. Its lifespan is estimated to be 10 to 20 years, as long as the wood used in outdoor structures is preserved and maintained in an appropriate manner.

The Commissioners remain committed to the provision of engaging play equipment in the town as identified in the 2018/19 budget statement, and discussions are ongoing with regard to the extent and location of suitable replacement equipment.