Rates Statement

Castletown Town Commissioners announce an increase in the Town rate of 7p to 312 pence in the pound for the forthcoming municipal year.
The domestic refuse rate will also increase by £15 to £160 with the commercial refuse rate increasing by 1.95% in line with the gate fee.
Mr Ludford-Brooks, Vice chairman of Castletown Town Commissioners stated;
“In common with other Southern local authorities, Castletown has committed a 3.5p increase in contributions made to the Southern swimming pool rising from 2.5p to 6p ( an increase of 140%).
During the last financial year, the town has seen an effective reduction of 1.1% in its rateable value, which has made our rate setting for the forthcoming year a difficult task.
In addition to the agreed increases in contributions to the pool and recycling centre, we have also seen significant increases in the cost of our sanitation operations and have made provision for an anticipated employee pay award for our staff.
Whilst sanitation and employee costs are the Commissioners highest areas of expenditure, the Town is seeing inflationary pressures across the board.
We recognise that the same pressures are affecting our residents and local businesses and in light of our fixed commitments elsewhere, we have made a conscious effort to keep the impact to the Towns rate to a minimum. “