Expressions of Interest

Castletown Town Commissioners can confirm that following the recent expression of interest exercise in the Commissioners Works Yard, a number of submissions were evaluated and they have selected a preferred option which would potentially see the relocation of Bushy’s Brewery operations into Castletown.

In addition to the relocation of the brewing activities from the Mount Murray Brewery, subject to the relevant approvals, there are plans to seek a license for an associated brewery tap room to showcase the products.

Martin Brunnschweiler of Bushy’s commented;

“It’s been over 30 years since we opened the brewery at Mount Murray in 1990, in what were converted farm buildings. These buildings are reaching the end of their useful life and with the shift in trends, it would be ideal for the business to be located more sustainably and where it could also accommodate hospitality facilities on site, within convenient walking distance of customers and to be part of the local community. 

Castletown has a proud brewing heritage and we would love to bring commercial brewing back to the town. We have been brewing Bushy’s Castletown Bitter for many years which is our take on the old Castletown Brewery recipe –  wouldn’t it be great to see it brewed in its spiritual home. The intention would be to bring our existing employees into the new site and create some additional roles with a regular tap room. “  

Chairman of Castletown Town Commissioners Jamie Horton added; 

“My Board received a number of expressions of interest in relation to the recent exercise and I would like to thank those who made a submission. 

What made this proposal stand out, was not only the opportunity to support an internationally recognised Manx brand in the next chapter of their history, but also the commitment given to incorporate the historical buildings in the yard as part of the project. To preserve and sympathetically renovate the remnants of the towns industrial heritage is something that we feel passionate about. 

I need to be clear that while this the preferred expression of interest and initial discussions have been positive, there are a number of hurdles to overcome not least a requirement for us to find another base for our operations should the proposal receive the support of the planners and Department of Infrastructures local government unit. 

The Commissioners firmly believe that this proposal would revitalise what is an under utilised area of in the Towns ownership and we look forward to receiving detailed plans in due course.”

Should you have any questions regarding this statement, please email