Statement Regarding Living Wage

At the ordinary board meeting of 4th December 2017 Castletown Town Commissioners voted to unanimously adopt the living wage as a minimum payment for all staff.

The matter was raised by Town Commissioner Jamie Horton and was unanimously supported by all members of the Board.

Mr Horton stated ” I feel that as a Local Authority, it is our duty to ensure that our employees both present and future are able to earn a wage that is high enough to maintain a normal standard of living. Whilst the move may not affect any individuals currently employed by the the Town, it underlines Castletown Town Commissioners commitment as a responsible employer, and signals the desire of the town to act in fair and equitable manner, both to employees and residents alike”

The proposal follows a report which set the Island’s living wage at £8.61 was presented to Tynwald October. A link to the report can be found below