Dog Bylaw Consultation Launched

The Castletown Dog Byelaws (2007) are  due for renewal.  A consultation is being issued seeking views on the application of the 2007 Byelaws and on the public’s view as to any amendments thereto.

The Byelaws impose controls on dogs in certain parts of the Town of Castletown.

Dogs are prohibited from certain open spaces and beaches and dogs may not be at large in the open spaces and beaches described within the Byelaws. Dog faeces must also be removed from any highway to which the public has access, including back lanes, footways, pavements and grass verges, within its district that consists of or comprises a carriageway and from the open spaces and beaches described in the Byelaws.

The consultation seeks views on whether the areas which Dogs are prohibited from should be amended, these are presently:

Playgrounds & Playing Fields:
Castle Rushen High School, Victoria Road Primary School, The Buchan School & King Williams College
Children’s Play Areas:
Poulsom Park, Ballalough, Farrants Park, Janets Corner & Adjacent to Tennis Courts of Malew Street.
Grassed Areas and Car Parks:
Royal Court, Arbory Road.
The consultation also seeks views on whether the areas where dogs may not be at large (i.e. must be on a lead) these are presently.
Amenity Areas
Bowling Green & Tennis Courts
Poulsom Park
Speakers Garden & “RBL Garden”
Grassed Areas
Queen Street, School Hill (Along Bypass to town Boundary)
Car Parks
Castle Quay, Chapel Lane, George Paddock, Shore Road, Tennis Courts, The Claddaghs
Public Footpaths
Public Right of Way from Witches Mill to Field 6342
Public Footpath from Arbory Rd to Y Vaaney Yiarg & School Hill, Paradise Lane, the Pullrope, Bog Lane
Beaches where dogs may not be at large (Throughout the year)
The Part of Castletown Beach (including the foreshore) between a line drawn at right angles to the junction of Shore road with the Promenade and the the Eastern Town Boundary
It will also welcome views on whether other areas should be opened up/prohibited.


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