Rates Set at 304p

Castletown Town Commissioners have announced a 6p (or two percent) increase in the Town Rate bringing rates to 304p


The fixed refuse charge for domestic properties will see a £10 increase to £145.


Chairman of Castletown Town Commissioners Mr David Parnell stated that;


“The Board of Castletown Town Commissioners have deliberated over the priorities for the next financial year, particularly in view of the high proportion of the towns residents that are on low incomes and the difficulties that many have faced during the recent lockdowns


The town is in a period of change and whilst the construction has now commenced on a long awaited housing development off Victoria Road and work will shortly be commencing in the Commissioners own affordable housing redevelopment at School Hill, we will see an shortfall in rate income from the old properties that are being demolished.


My members are mindful of the financial pressures that the pandemic has placed on everyone. Whilst extensive discussion was given to holding rates at the existing level with an adjustment to the refuse levy, following a vote the majority of the board felt that this would simply defer an inevitable and more significant increase into future years.


The town is currently focusing on investment in its aging infrastructure and there will be a drive to address aging street lighting, town walls and surfacing in our parks and car parks.


We remain committed to the improvement of facilities for young people in the town and anticipate that the planned improvements within Poulsom Park can be brought forward.


In common with previous years there has been significant private investment in the Town and I would like to thank the private sector and wider community for their continued support in unlocking the potential of the town.


We as a board are acutely aware of the impending elections and will leave the town in a robust fiscal position that will enable our successors to prioritise spending in future years based on priorities determined at the polls.



What Key Services are Provided through the Rates?


Refuse Collection and Disposal

Street Lighting

Southern Civic Amenity Site

Southern Swimming Pool

Street Sweeping & Gully clearing (non-strategic routes)

Parks and Recreation Grounds

Public Conveniences

Library Services

Registrar Services

Public Ceremonial and Entertainment

Off Street Car Parking

Free Community Hall and Meeting Room hire for local Clubs and Charities.