Statement regarding Vote of No Confidence.

Statement regarding Vote of No Confidence.

On 26th August an employee of the commissioners was bitten by a dog that had been brought into the Town Hall by the Chairman.

The employee remains away from work and unable to perform their normal duties, as this incident occurred in the workplace, the matter has been duly reported to the Health and Safety at Work inspectorate.

On 20th September, the Board unanimously resolved to write to the Chairman requesting her immediate resignation. The Board considered that the matter was an ill judged and entirely avoidable episode, which in addition to injury being sustained by an employee, placed the Castletown Town Commissioners at potential reputational and financial risk.

Members did not consider that the Chairman’s response to the incident had been appropriate, either in the capacity as Chairman of Castletown Town Commissioners, or as the owner of the animal.

Owing to the lack of response from the Chairman at the close of business last week, Mr Cubbon brought notice of motion that a vote of no Confidence in the chairman be held at the earliest opportunity.

The motion was moved last night and members unanimously supported the motion of no confidence.